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Welcome to Magento Product Filter v2 demo store.

Please click on the buttons below to test product filter magento extension:

A very special thanks to our clients.

The following clients are highly appreciated for sharing their product databases that helped us creating this magento product filter demo:,,


The information contained in this sample data is for general information purposes only. All brand names, logos, event and product pictures, descriptions and any other information are property of the companies who own them. We do not own or claim the ownership rights and thus we are not responsible for any damage caused by this sample data to you or your store environment. Please use this sample data on your own responsibility and in no way Plumrocket Inc will be held responsible either for any damage caused by the sample data and any violation to copyrights of the respective owners of the content stored in this sample data. Image usage by this demo store includes sales demonstrations, trade shows, marketing materials and sample web stores. These images will be used for marketing purposes only and will not be used to sell the products featured within.